Starving vs Thriving Artist

I recently read a book titled Real Artists Don’t Starve where best selling author and creativity expert Jeff Goins compares starving and thriving artists.

He defines the principles every Thriving Artist lives by and calls them  the Rules of the New Renaissance.  Here’s a quick recap of his comparison:

  1. The Starving Artist believes you must be born an artist. The Thriving Artist knows you become one.
  2. The Starving Artist strives to be original. The Thriving Artist steals from his influences.
  3. The Starving Artist believes he has enough talent. The Thriving Artist apprentices under a master.
  4. The Starving Artist is stubborn about everything. The Thriving Artist is stubborn on vision but flexible on details.
  5. The Starving Artist waits to be noticed. The Thriving Artist cultivates patrons.
  6. The Starving Artist needs no one. The Thriving Artist finds a scene.
  7. The Starving Artist always works alone. The Thriving Artist collaborates with others.
  8. The Starving Artist does his work in private. The Thriving Artist practices in public.
  9. The Starving Artist works for free. The Thriving Artist always works for something.
  10. The Starving Artist sells out too soon. The Thriving Artist owns as much of his work as possible.
  11. The Starving Artist does one thing. The Thriving Artist does many things.
  12. The Starving Artist despises the need for money. The Thriving Artist makes money to make more art.

Are you starving or thriving?

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Real Artists Don’t StarveJeff Goins is the bestselling author of five books including Real Artists Don’t Starve and The Art of Work.


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