Professional Photo Shoots Don’t Have to be Scary… Really!

I’ve hired photographers in the past for traditional family portraits. You know — the ones where you can turn sideways and hide behind other family members so not all of you is seen.

My business partner and good friend, Shelley and I decided we needed pro shots for ourselves and the launch of our new venture, S2 Seminars.  As an ex-model, she knew what it was all about.  Until yesterday though, I had never experienced a professional photo shoot where me, and only me, is the centre of attention.  To tell the truth, I was terrified to do it because I have self-image issues.

Well, after working with Trevor Carter at D’Angelo Photography, I can now say with authority that it’s not scary when you have the right photographer!  Here’s a recap of our experience and the process we went through.

  1. We asked people we trusted and whose professional photos we admired to recommend a photographer they had worked with who was talented and fit our budget.  Thank you Russ Dantu for recommending Trevor Carter!
  2. Next came the meet and greet with Trevor to make sure we were comfortable with him  and his work and to select the location for our shoot.  Big checkmark on Trevor’s abilities and our comfort level.  We decided to shoot i260n his studio to help save ourselves some money.
  3. Shelley and I met to make some wardrobe selections, determine any clothing shortfalls, and decide what poses and props we wanted in our photos.  The latter topic included thinking about where we wanted to use our photos going forward (e.g., blog posts, banner images on our website, posters, business cards, etc.).  There was only one tiny fail here, but that was quickly resolved with a trip to Las Vegas and the outlet mall to buy some new clothes for Susan.  (She was headed there anyway so no blowing the budget with this shopping location choice!)
  4. We arrived at Trevor’s studio — D’Angelo Photography — at 1:30 in the afternoon, a little nervous but excited at the same time.  Trevor put some music on to help get us pumped up, we changed into our first outfits and the photography magic began.  It wasn’t long until he had us laughing and feeling like naturals.  Before we knew it, we’d had all our wardrobe changes, used all our props, and run through our list of poses and a few more Trevor added for us.
  5. Less than 6 hours later, Trever had the proofs in our inboxes and the real fun began.  Trying to choose just a handful of the great shots he took!


And that’s all there was to it!

We’ve included a few of our favourite shots in this post.  If you’re ever in need of a professional photographer for whatever reason, Shelley and I highly recommend Trevor Carter at D’Angelo Photography.

And, if you’re stuck trying to figure out which poses, what to wear, where to shoot, or anything else pro shot related, give us a call.  We can help.


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    1. Having a good photographer who can make you and your party feel relaxed in front of the camera is the key. If you’re in the Calgary area, we highly recommend D’Angelo Photography (check them out here: If you’re not near Calgary, try to interview your photographer before hiring. It takes a little extra time but will pay off in the end product if you’re comfortable with him or her. After all, photography like this is an investment. You want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Good luck with your wedding planning!

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