I Have My CD, Now What?

Remember the day you picked up that box full of new CD’s containing your music? If you’re like me, you were probably ready to  jump right out of your skin! I bet you were optimistic about selling them, too.

But, seriously, how ARE you planning to sell them?

They won’t sell themselves.

You likely don’t know 500 people, never mind 500 people who are willing to buy your CD. (And selling only 500 isn’t enough to live on!)

Hint: Don’t count on your friends, especially if you haven’t supported them by buying their books and CDs!

In our modern world, there are many ways to promote your work, be it CDs, books, art, or music.  It can seem overwhelming, poking through the options, making a plan and finding time to execute the plan.

I recently produced a CD of poetry and music, dedicated to my parents for their 60th wedding anniversary. It was a surprise.

Although I had my CDs six days before the party, I couldn’t say anything online because my mom follows me and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. So I’ve kept quiet.

But the cone of silence is lifted. The party is over. Mom and Dad are happy.

Now it’s time to get selling. What will I do?  I’m going to follow these three simple steps is what.

1. Set a Goal

I like to go big or go home so I’ve set myself a goal to sell 5000 CDs in 2018. It seems ambitious but if I pull it off, I stand to make a decent living and I’ll have a lot of fun doing it (which is truly my ultimate goal)!

2. Create a Plan

I’m becoming my own marketing case study.

My business partner, Susan and I are teaching artists business skills through S2 Seminars. We agreed that I would serve as a marketing case study for the company. Our thinking is, “If we can’t sell my CDs, how can we possibly tell our clients what to do?”

So I’m making a plan and sharing it with you in installments through this blog.

The plan includes Facebook posts, Tweets, email messages, sending CDs to people who can promote me, booking live events, building pages on my website to promote my CD, ensuring it’s available online and much more.

3. Work the Plan

As the plan solidifies and I implement it, I will blog about my experiences. We will all learn more about selling our works of art together.

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